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The Seven Functions of the Pyramid
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The Seven Functions of the Pyramid


 went to the Pyramid last July. I'm planning to go again this summer with my husband. I thought it was an amazing structure and that was before I had read Blackroots!! What are the other functions of the great Pyramid?

1. Power generator and distributor

2. Preservation

3. Transportation

4. Energy balance

5. Prophesy

6. Resurrection

7. Divine unity

1. The ancient Egyptian/Ethiopian empire used a certain form of electricity that was generated and distributed by pyramids. It is different than modern electricity in that the modern type is a low form of electricity that requires transmission wires.

2.         All the substances of the universe have a range or spectrum of frequencies. You are familiar with the most common spectrum - that of light. Scientists have named the extremes that they know of this, calling them infrared and ultraviolet. That means if you look at the seven colors of the rainbow, starting with red then orange then yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, then the light spectrum starts from below red (infrared) and goes all the way to beyond violet (ultraviolet).

3.         Similarly the other forms of matter also have a range. Solid matter comes in a range of solidity, from soft solids like lead to very hard ones like diamond. Liquids also have a range, starting with thin liquids like pure alcohol or substances such as benzene, to thick liquids like gels. This is true for all the seven forms of matter through the gases to the ether, light, electricity, and magnetism.

4.         Modern generated electricity is a lower-spectrum type, barely above static electricity (the type that makes your clothes cling). The ancients used a higher form of electricity that did not require wires for transmission. It was transmitted directly in the ether (i.e. in space) the same way radio waves are transmitted. It was transmitted to the temples, which served, among other things, as receiving stations. So the temples had antennas used to receive the transmission. These antennas can still be seen today erected in front of some of the temples. Modern people call them obelisks. There is one near you in Central park, New York that was stolen by Americans from one of the temples, and many more that were stolen by Europeans, perhaps the most famous one being the one called Cleopatra's needle.

5.         Now, the ancients had great reverence for technology. To them it was a gift of nature coming directly from the Gods - the 144 Chiefs of the Black nation. So they did not treat it as casually as modern people do. Today everyone in western countries has access to electricity, including batteries, and they use it casually. There is no reverence whatsoever for this gift of the Gods. The ancients used it only when necessary, including it in the appropriate rituals, and only for projects that were for the benefit of the general society rather than individuals. Other than that they went about their business the usual way, using ordinary hand tools.

6.         For this reason modern archeologists claim that the ancients did not have the knowledge of high technology such as electricity because they see the ancient Egyptians going about their business using hand tools and physical labor most of the time. Yet, there are many instances where they have seen the manufacture of certain implements such as stone coffins that were obviously made using some kind of high-speed machinery. They dismiss these instances as exceptions, and so never mention them in their studies and reports. There are many sculptures and other pieces of art found that are made of very hard stones such as diorite, including vases with very thin walls, narrow necks and wide bottoms. When they look at them, it's quite obvious that they could not possibly have been made by hand. They were certainly made using some kind of rotary machine that required electricity. These are the kinds of items that they bury in the basements of their museums because they do not fit their theories and explanation concerning the level of ancient technology.

7.         The ancients understood the concept of balance in all its aspects. They understood that balance is necessary in all things, including the use of technology. Even though electricity is to be used to make life much easier, it is not supposed to be exploited to the point where it replaces all other uses, especially the uses of hand tools and physical labor. Such behavior leads to a deterioration of the human body. It discourages the exercising of our muscles using natural activities. Our muscles need natural activities in order for our bodies to remain in a state of good health. It does not help the body to replace natural activities with artificial activities such as weightlifting and gymnasium exercises. The everyday activities of the ancients, such as farming, washing clothes by hand, milling grains, making wine, rowing boats etc ensured that their bodies never went lacking for natural exercise and the muscular fitness and balance required for good health and long life. That's the reason they kept their ancient ways even in the midst of technology that was vastly superior to that of the modern day.

8.         Every person had to reach a certain level of initiation before he could use it. The technology was not given for free or for money as it is today. It was earned by knowledge and understanding obtained in the rituals associated with it. They understood that all technology has a higher purpose above that of merely making life easy - it lends to the overall balance of the forces of nature. Without this balance, the life of a society will degenerate to one of two extremes; the extreme of greed, where the gifts of nature are used solely for the satisfaction of physical desires with no spiritual value whatsoever. This is what we see with the way the light-skinned people use technology today. The other extreme is that of over-technologization, which leads to over-intellectualization - i.e. giving up the heart for the sake of the head. This is the case with the extraterrestrial races today, who have given up all emotional life for the sake of the intellect, to the point where they have lost all capacity to love or to empathize.

9.         These two extremes illustrate the end result of the unbalanced use of the gifts of nature.

Knowing this, the ancients were able to keep using high technology for thousands of years without the harmful effects we see today such as the ecological disaster that is being foisted upon mother earth by the light-skinned races, or the genetic deterioration that comes as a result of losing one's capacity to feel emotions, such as is being experienced by the extraterrestrial races.

 10.       2. The pyramids were also used for the preservation of life forms, or the function that has been attributed to Noah's ark. Periodically, it becomes necessary to preserve life forms on earth, both of animals and plants, so that they may continue after certain events that devastate the earth during its periodic cleansing. I will talk more about this function and events at some other time.

 3. Pyramids are also used for space travel. This requires the manufacture of a monolithic pyramid. This is a large pyramid (much larger than the Great Pyramid) that is made of a single stone. The stone is obtained in space from among the debris of large rocks that orbits alongside the planets, that are called asteroids.

When our first ancestors came to earth from Sirius, they used twelve such pyramids, each one occupied by 12,000 men and women.

11.       They landed the pyramids at twelve different locations on our earth, that were the energy nodal points of that time. The pyramids remained there for a long time in the far, far distant past, trillions of years ago. Such pyramids are always used when large groups of people leave to settle a new planet. We will see their use again here on our earth in the near future.

 12.       4. Pyramids are also used to balance the earth's energies. They are placed at the 12 primary nodes of the earth where space energies enter our planet. Every inhabitable planet receives energies from other stars in space that are essential for human and other life. These energies must be balanced as they enter the nodal points, otherwise they could upset the earth's magnetic shield. The earth's magnetic shield is crucial for keeping out things in space that could cause harm to the planet, such as large meteors and harmful rays. Our earth and other planets in our solar system are still bombarded by such things because our solar system is still evolving. They will cease when the entire solar system reaches a state of perfect stability, where all its energies are in perfect harmony with the energies received from outer space.

 13.       5. The Great Pyramid also acts as a prophetic 'book of stone'. It's constructed in such a way that it tells the future story of the age we are in. Every King or Queen who rules the earth builds a stone pyramid as part of their ordination. In its construction, they 'write' the future of their 25,000-year reign. They do not write it in Hieroglyphs, but in the sizes and types of stones used, and the way they are placed, as well as the way the chambers are constructed. A person who is initiated into its mysteries can read the future events of the earth from it.

 14.       6. It is also used as a resurrection 'machine'. I've already described the two facets of resurrection for which the Great Pyramid of Giza is used.

15.                   7. Lastly, and most important, the Pyramid is used to facilitate divine unity during rituals. This is a function that belongs to the 24 Elders.



he question of re-incarnation has been misrepresented by modern people, so much so that it has led to a great deal of misunderstanding.

2.         The misunderstanding arises due to a lack of knowledge about the different types of ancestral memories, or what modern people call collective memory.

3.         There are two types of ancestral memories. One is biological, and is handed down from generation to generation. The other is spiritual ancestral memory and does not depend on genes. This latter type of ancestral memory is the true basis for re-incarnation, and I'll describe it last.

4.         First I'll describe the former kind, which is biologically based ancestral memory. This is the type of 're-incarnation' that has been described in most new-age books. It is a false concept of re-incarnation. What it is is simply genetic memory of a person's ancestors. Every living person has in  his DNA the genetic code of all his/her ancestors. The body's DNA is a recording mechanism that stores all of a person's life experiences. That is how ancestral memories are physically passed from generation to generation.

 The strands of DNA that pass from parents to child have a wide spectrum of frequencies, somewhat like the frequencies of sound or light. When a person is born, a particular segment of the DNA spectrum stands out as the strongest, and is unique to every person. So there is a 'fine tuning' of the DNA frequencies that result in every person having a unique type of body. Obviously siblings will have DNA frequencies that are very close in the entire spectrum of what they receive from their parents, and identical twins even closer.

5.         During the life of a person, it may happen that certain incidents will cause his/her DNA frequency to 'tune out' of its normal state or frequency within the spectrum. Each frequency is a recording of the life experiences of that person's ancestors. Many white people and other light-skinned races, especially here in America, have remote Black ancestors.

6.         Now, these people are totally white (not part Black) because after seven generations of white/white breeding, the entire Black germ is removed. In other words, if the mixed race child of a Black/non-Black couple later marries a non- Black, and all the generations that follow do the same, then after the 7th generation there will not be a Black germ in their progeny, and they're no longer part Black, but totally white or other races. That is the reason why whites and other non-Blacks can have Black ancestors who lived seven, eight or more generations before. When such a person is under hypnosis, trance, or some other appropriate condition, even though she will mostly remember her white ancestors, sometimes he or she can re-live the life of the Black ancestor and believe it to be her own past incarnation as a Black queen, pharaoh, chief or whatever (note though that most reported cases of reincarnation are frauds perpetrated by charlatans).

7.         The misunderstanding about reincarnation comes when the person identifies that life as his/her own, instead of recognizing it as part of the wide spectrum of ancestral genetic memories. And so the modern person under trance mistakenly believes that he/she is re-living a past incarnation. This remembrance or re-living, caused by genetic memory, is purely biological, depending only on DNA, and is what modern people call re-incarnation. This is a false concept of re-incarnation.

8.         True re-incarnation is spiritual and does not depend on genetic memory. It depends on eternal ancestral memory, or what we call the mind of God. I'll mention at the onset that the light race people do not have the mind of God in them; therefore they do not experience true reincarnation. This statement may surprise many Black people, but that's because most of us have lost the knowledge of who God really is. The reason God cannot incarnate in them is as follows:

9.         At the beginning of every new universe, there is only one earth, the first earth. It sits alone in infinite space, and is inhabited by one billion eight million original people. They are eternal people, the first Gods, who come from a recently completed universe. They descend upon the first earth in one billion eight million Black bodies, whose Blackness comes from the ether that surrounds the first earth. As I've described in an earlier post, ether, or space, is pure Blackness. The Gods take the Blackness of the ether as their skin color, because from this Blackness they can create every color of every living thing since the Black color contains all other colors in it. The Black color lives physically in the body in the dominant Black gene, which is the source of what modern people call melanin.

10.       The dominant Black gene is what in ancient scriptures is called the throne of God. The body is called the temple of God, and the Black gene is the throne upon which God is 'seated'. Without the dominant Black gene, there is no throne upon which God can 'sit'. In other words, God uses the Black gene as the source for the creation of all living things. It is the seat of the 144,000 aspects of God's goodness, or morality. It is the central point from which the original prototypes of life are created, each one taking its form according to each aspect of God's pure character, and each one also taking its coloring from the infinitude of colors contained in the Black germ.

11.       Therefore simply put, without the Black germ God cannot incarnate in a human body. He/she would be impotent, unable to create life or to give form and color to the universe. (When I say create life, I don't mean reproducing babies - I mean creating animals and plants out of 'nothing', as described in the biology post).

12.       All the non-Black people on earth were made from Black people. They were made not in the same way that animals and plants were created - i.e. by giving form and color to new life - but rather, they were made by removing color from their original Black ancestors. The way the original ancestors removed color from themselves was by suppressing their own dominant Black gene. Every Black person has a dominant Black gene and a recessive light gene. When the Black gene is accidentally suppressed, then the light gene comes to the fore, and the child born to such parents among Black people is an albino. Now, a Black albino still has the Black gene, the seat of God, but it's suppressed at conception. It's possible to create even from a suppressed Black gene, but the albino would have to undergo extensive rituals of initiation to bring the suppressed germ back to the forefront, much more so than is ordinarily the case.

13.       The light-skinned races are different than Black albinos in that in them the Black gene is completely absent. It takes exactly seven generations of deliberate breeding to completely breed out the dominant Black gene. That is how the first race of light-skinned people was made 6,000 years ago. From the first race (Hispanic/Latin/Greek people) was made the second race (Semitics, i.e. Arabs, Jews, Persians etc). From them was made the yellow race and from the yellow race was made the white race. All these races of non-Blacks no longer have the Black gene in them. This is the reason why no light race parents can ever give birth to a Black baby.

14.       Because of the absence of the Black gene, there is no throne in their temple (body) upon which God can be seated. Therefore God incarnates only in Black people.

15.       Any Black person who feels even the slightest degree of discomfort when reading the above statement, should know that this is caused by sympathy due to a lack of knowledge. If all Black people on earth regained the true knowledge of who God is and who the devil is, they would immediately lose all sympathy for the light-skinned races.

16.       The billion eight million original Gods are the ones who incarnate on earth every time a Black baby is born. They incarnate again and again, endlessly. Their incarnation is not determined by biological lineage. It is pre-ordained by them in eternity long before they're born. The repeated incarnation of the b8m original Gods is the true form of re-incarnation. Every Black person alive on earth today is an incarnation of one of the b8m original Gods. We have incarnated time and again since the beginning of the universe.

17.       Not only do we incarnate on earth, but we also simultaneously incarnate on other earths throughout the universe. God, the Black person, is not restricted to one location. Our incarnations transcend both time and space. At the conclusion of the universe, when every earth that can be inhabited will be inhabited, there will be over 125 billion trillion trillion inhabited earths in the universe, each one having a population of one billion eight million Black people - all of whom are the incarnated personalities of the b8m original Gods - that is you and me and every Black person on earth.

I hope that clarifies the falsehoods heard from 'new-agers' about reincarnation.

18.       I was disappointed though that u didn't go deep enough into the difference between the two types of reincarnation, biological and ancestral, was it? Is it the ancestors reincarnating in successive generations? Could u expound on that? And u mention that the non-black races were created by suppressing the "black gene". WHY were the light skinned races created?

19.       The people reincarnating as us are the one billion eight million original Gods. That's you and me. We have incarnated again and again, forming new personalities with every reincarnation. Therefore our ancestors are ourselves as different personalities. You have incarnated countless trillions of times ever since you, along with the b8m Gods, created our universe. But each personality is an independent, separate individual exactly as you are today.

20.       All these personalities, our ancestors, continue to exist forever as individuals after ascending into eternity, in the divine custodianship of the 24 Elders of our earth. At the end of the universe, you will unite with all your incarnational personalities, as will each of the b8m Gods. Even though there will be countless trillions upon trillions of individual personalities, they will be your personalities (meaning you as the original God, one of the b8m). Again there will be one billion eight million Gods, manifesting as innumerable personalities, each one knowing himself or herself as the one and only God due to the indescribable state of divine unity.

21.       'Biological incarnation' on the other hand is purely a recollection, a memory of the lives of our biological ancestors, never spiritual ancestors. The memories are permanently recorded in our DNA. When a light race person sees these lives or re-lives them in her mind, she is not reliving her own past incarnation, because only the Gods re-incarnate, and they re-incarnate only in Black people.

22.       There is eternal continuity in the lives of Black people, caused by the repeated re-incarnation of the same b8m Gods. There is no such continuity in the light-skinned races. Every newborn one is brand new with only biological ancestors, but not spiritual ones, i.e. no mind of God in them. At the end of the universe, long after the light races are extinct, their incarnational experiences will be taken by their maker, the God Yakub, who will permanently hold them for all posterity as his creation and possession.

23.       As to why the non-black races were created, I'll answer that when I talk about ASCENSION and the true Israelites, the chosen people of Yahweh.

24.       INTRIG said:

"Incorrect. This assumes that the mystical concept of reincarnation and karma is true. It is not. It's a complete fabrication. Every person born is brand new, never having lived before. It's God's way of renewing himself/herself. Only the mind of God, or as it's called, the spirit of God, is eternal in the person. It has no 'karma' and does not take part in the so-called 'spiritual evolution', which is a fallacy."

You said that every black person was a reincarnation of one of the b8m gods, is that not true?? Is there a different type of reincarnation you speak about?

25.       Reincarnation as I've described it above, is true only for black people. There is a vast difference between true reincarnation and the mystical concept of 'reincarnation and karma' that originated out of the east, especially India. This false concept of reincarnation was brought to the west by various Indian 'gurus' and gullible westerners who went to India to learn it.

26.       It's a false concept, but like everything taught by the light races, its falseness is so subtle and close to the truth that it's easy to be misled. They teach that the 'souls' (by which they obviously mean consciousness) of ALL people are engaged in a never-ending 'spiritual evolution'. The mechanics of this 'evolution' are such that the sins committed by the 'soul' in a previous life are 'atoned' for in the next life or lives. This cumbersome burden of a concept is called by them 'karma'.

27.       They also make other outrageous claims. For example they say that it's possible to 'evolve' backwards and lose ground, so to speak. The upshot of all this is that, according to them, the 'souls' go back and forth endlessly, trying to detach themselves from the merciless wheel of birth and rebirth. Some lucky 'souls', by means of some fluke of perhaps meeting the right 'guru' and parting with the right amount of money, can be taught certain 'mystical' practices by which they can reach 'enlightenment', and be done with the world. Then they'll live in 'nirvana', sucking eternally on nectar if they're buddhists or hindus, or playing the harp forever if they are Christians, or if she's a Muslim woman, she'll be turned into a virgin along with 71 of her sisters so they can service the perversions of some man. This is such a pathetic corruption of the truth invented by white people that it's not worth wasting any more time on it.

28.       There is a type of spiritual evolution that applies to non-blacks in the mental realms. It's a search by them for God's absolute perfection, which they can never find because absolute perfection was absolute right from the 'beginning' of eternity. Anyone who is not eternal (i.e. who cannot unite with the eternal Self) cannot reach absolute perfection. Therefore they will be involved in an endless perfecting of their character, gaining forever in knowledge and glory as they ascend from heaven to heaven.

29.       This 'spiritual evolution' will not occur on earth. There will be no re-incarnating of the non-blacks on earth, as there has never been such. They do not have an original Self who reincarnates in them, as is the case with black people.

30.       They were created as images of us, and for a purpose. They will fulfill the purpose for which Yahweh made them, and cannot transform their existence to match that of black people, who are eternal beings.

31.       Thus by classing all people together, including us, in their mystical concept of 'reincarnation and karma', they do not serve the truth. They only serve to mislead those black people who will believe them, thinking that black people are the same as the light-skinned races.



scension is the process whereby a person leaves his/her body and unites the mind with the minds of the Elders of his/her Tribe.

2.         In our natural ancient world, before the appearance of the light races, all people died consciously. When they had completed all seven great rituals of the Black nation, they soon thereafter decided it was time to ascend to eternity. They simply laid down their bodies while perfectly conscious. Their mind expanded until it united with the minds of the two Elders of their Tribe.

3.         At the instant of unity, the magnetic connection (the so-called spiritual cord) that linked them to the physical body is severed automatically, and the body is permanently abandoned, and left to be buried by family and friends. Today people ascend the same way, but they do so unconsciously. Moreover, they die not of their own choosing, but either by 'accident', disease, or other causes.

4.         Thus today a person can die at any age, according to the circumstances of his or her life, whereas in ancient days, every person died only at old age, after completing the seven great rituals.

5.         The great rituals, along with the major and minor ones they engaged in during their 7,000 years of life, developed their souls to the point where they became one with God. They reached a state of being where they became equal to the 24 Elders in knowledge, lacking equality with them only in wisdom. The 24 Elders exceed all people in wisdom because of their age. The youngest couple of the Elders are about 25,000 years old, and the oldest over 700,000 years old. They have long since completed the great rituals, and have been living consciously in a state of divine unity. Thus they have accumulated more life experience than all other people; and life experience is turned into wisdom by the knowledge and application of truth.

6.         So even though the senior citizens (7,000 years old or older) who ascended to eternity in the minds of the 24 Elders have accumulated all the knowledge possible while living on earth, they do not have as much wisdom as the Elders due to being younger. But the perfection of their knowledge is equal to that of the Elders, whereby they are equal to God in knowledge.

Thus when they ascend, they ascend as full Gods in knowledge, lacking only in experience and wisdom.

7.         In the modern age, people still ascend into the minds of the 24 Elders, but they do not consciously unite with them as they did in ancient days. The reason is because individuals are no longer taught and trained by the ritual methods of ancient days. Thus people today die before gaining enough knowledge and truth to make them full Gods. As a result of this lack of knowledge - this ignorance or self-forgetfulness - they are unable to consciously unite with the Elders of their Tribe.

8.         As I've mentioned before, every person has an unconscious mind as well as a conscious mind. The unconscious mind is the eternal part of the person, the original Self and creator of the universe, one of the b8m Gods. The conscious mind of the person on the other hand, is what makes the individual's personality, and is always made brand new in every life, whereas the unconscious mind is the same eternal, unchanging Godly aspect of the person. When a person ascends today, only the unconscious mind, the God in him/her, unites with the Elders. The individual personality on the other hand goes to a different place in 'heaven', where his or her life continues in a different state.

9.         When the light race people die, they are also separated, i.e. the conscious personality is separated from the unconscious mind. Now, the unconscious minds of all the non-Blacks belong to the God Yahweh.

10.       When Yahweh, also known as Yakub, created the non-Blacks 6,000 years ago, he gave them a collective unconscious from part of his own mind. Every person that lives must have both a conscious mind as well as an unconscious mind, which acts as a true guide in the person's life. No person that is called human can exist as a purely new personality without the presence of this inner guide, or what modern people call conscience.

11.       This does not necessarily mean the person will listen to his or her inner guide, as each person has complete free will. But the inner guide always suggests advice to the person's conscious mind, to either be accepted or rejected according to the person's nature and inclinations. In the case of Black people, the inner guide is a particular God, one of the b8m original Gods, because Black people are eternal, having no beginning, and so provide their own inner guide.

12.       In the case of the non-Blacks, their inner guide is Yahweh, or one of the 60,000 Elohim with whom he created the light races in our image. In order to guide these new people, they gave part of their mind to them to become their collective unconscious.

13.       Thus when a non-black person dies, his or her unconscious mind ascends back into the mind of the God Yahweh, whose mind is united with the minds of the Elohim. Their conscious individual minds go to the same place called heaven where all black people go today. Therefore in this present cycle, we live in a time when there is no longer conscious ascension of black people into eternity. Such conscious ascension will resume at the end of this age, when all the non-blacks that can be saved will be saved. They will ascend to a special heaven where they will continue to be trained in order to remove most of their imperfections that have led them to a sinful existence.

14.       Now, these 'heavens' that individuals go to in this age, are also in the minds of the Elders. The minds of the Elders are an expansive, infinite state of being consisting of an infinite number of levels of existence. These levels of existence are brought into reality as needed to accommodate the states of mind of the people who die and ascend to them.

15.       There are many levels of existence in the Elders' minds that are brand new. These new levels were brought into existence by necessity, due to the existence of the non-blacks, who are a new form of people that never existed before. This type of person lives, by and large, contrary to nature. Therefore they necessarily have a short life. They cannot be initiated into the seven great rituals, which require a much longer lifespan.

16.       The great rituals guarantee the perfection of a person's character while still living on earth. They are a powerful means of personality transformation. They require a continuous lifespan of at least 7,000 years in a physical body for a person to be initiated into all of them while living on earth. No person can be initiated into more than one great ritual every 1,000 years. There is no physical body that can withstand the ecstasy of eternity more than once every 1,000 years.

17.       In order to make the non-blacks, black people first had to shorten their own lifespan before they could give birth to new individuals who live a shorter life. Thus is was decided at the time of the making of the light races that all those Gods who so choose, would join the world of Yakub and the light races by sharing in their shortened lifespan and the subsequent self-forgetfulness. This was seen as the most efficient way to gain the full experience of their world.

18.       The Gods did so fearlessly, even though they anticipated a world full of sin and error. To them the experience and all that would be gained from it in terms of wisdom was worth all the anticipated suffering. Hence we are in a situation today where black people no longer ascend consciously to eternity. Also, when we die and ascend, we are sent to a place in heaven where we can continue to gain knowledge to complete what we could not be taught here on earth due to the absence of ancient rites of passage. Thus in the Elders' heaven there are many levels that people occupy according to their state of ignorance or wisdom at the time of death.

19.       In short then, there are two types of ascension. One is conscious ascension as it was in ancient days before the appearance of the light races. In this type of natural life every individual born on earth was educated using the various forms of initiation, climaxing in the seven great rituals. At the end of our life, our conscious and unconscious minds became one, and the person became full God. He/She was then equal to the Elders in every way except in longevity of experience, or wisdom. So then in ancient days people 'died' by consciously laying down their bodies and uniting with the Elders in eternity.

20.       Their individual personality formed in that life continues to exist until the end of the universe. Their original Self on the other hand would incarnate again and again, forming new personalities in each life, even as we continue to do today. The ascended individual personalities that remain in eternity until the end of the universe have an opportunity to gain more universal experience and increase in wisdom. Being in an eternal state, they're no longer bound by time and space. They move freely in every part of the universe, even in other universes and heavenly realms. That is the ancient form of ascension.

21.       The modern form is different and adjusted to today's conditions of self-forgetfulness. To summarize, when a person dies, either a black person or non-black, he or she cannot unite with his or her unconscious mind, called the mind of God in black people and the mind of Yahweh in non-blacks, who also call it their collective unconscious. This unconscious part of the non-blacks is re-united with its origin, which is the mind of Yahweh and the Elohim. It takes with it all that is of value in terms of goodness and truth - which is usually not much - from the life of that non-black. The person himself or herself is directed by his/her inner nature to one of the levels of heaven prepared for them by the Elders.

22.       Now, the existence of personalities in these levels of heaven is not a material or physical existence such as we have on earth. It's a type of existence somewhat like in a dream world. The person gains a body just like he or she had on earth, but this body has no weight. It's made stable not by its own weight, as is the case on earth, but entirely by thought. It can move about without effort, exactly the same way you move your dream body. Moreover, it can be improved as a person's character improves, and made glorious without end, if the person chooses everlasting life...

The Origin of the Extraterrestrial Races

52.       The genetic experiments to make the 3 extra-terrestrial races started about 300 years before the birth of Moses. After many trials and errors they were finally successful around the time of his birth. Their success was due primarily to the intervention of the Elohim. The monstrosities that came from these experiments came only at the hands of the races when they attempted to create the new beings without the help of the Elohim.

And yes, all the races were involved. Bear in mind though that it was done in secrecy, so only a few hundred people were involved at any one time at any one location.

53.       When the Elohim intervened, it took only about 100 years to perfect what had already been produced for the 200 years leading to that point. After the extra-terrestrial races had matured and left the earth, the experiments still continued, done by the races, and are still being done to this day. (Note also that such experiments are also being done today by some Africans - so-called witch-doctors - but for different reasons). Throughout their entire history of the last 4,400 years or so, they have never ceased to do genetic experiments, from as simple as cross-breeding compatible animals, to more complicated ones of trying to cross-breed non-compatible animals and plants.

54.       They do them mostly in secrecy. The monsters that they produce are usually quarantined, then destroyed when they prove to be complete failures. But now and then some creatures manage to escape their confinement and when they are able to reproduce, they find hiding places in some inaccessible parts of the earth, and continue their lives. That's how the beings called 'yeti', 'bigfoot' etc came about. These are not quite human, but they are very close. Hence they are much more intelligent than other animals. They have thus far managed to elude their hunters, and they live in family units or small clans in different parts of the earth. Others such as 'chupacabra' usually do not last long because they are very abnormal biological specimens. They are sometimes able to reproduce for two or three generations, and then die out. So now and then such creatures show up for a time then disappear and others of a different kind take their place as these people continue to experiment.

55.       Now, the actual experiments where the Elohim took part to successfully produce the et's were done in 3 different locations - one in the middle east, another in the area near the Adrian sea where Greece and Turkey are now located, and the third in central America. The reptilian beings were produced in central America, the insectoid beings (greys) in the middle east and the mammalian beings in that part of Europe where Turkey is. The names of the earth race people involved in these experiments are none that you would recognize. They are not recorded anywhere in known history.


56.       There are no 'alien' races inhabiting large cities under the earth as some claim. The only such places that exist are temporary bases constructed by the et's as well as bomb shelters constructed by the governments of various nations. The largest such shelter is located under the airport of Denver city in Colorado, and spans several miles in size, located almost a mile deep. It was constructed as part of a large natural cavern. Such caverns are innumerable all over the earth, being formed when volcanic lava is emptied from them by natural earth movements, or when large amounts of gas or oil are extracted. They locate these natural caves by earth penetrating radar, and then dig tunnels leading to them, where they then modify them and make them livable. Now, all these temporary shelters will not help to save the lives of those who will hide in them, because when large earth catastrophes occur, such as the ones that are soon to come, some of these shelters, even though they are located on high ground such as mile-high Denver, will be lowered below sea level as other parts of the earth are raised by earthquakes, and will eventually be flooded. Many of the people who think they will find safe shelter in them will be quite shocked when they are drowned.

57.       The claims by some people that they have seen large cities, even entire countries under the earth inhabited by strange underground races are simply products of their imagination. When they enter certain parts of the earth underground where there are strong magnetic effects, their brains are affected, causing them to hallucinate imaginary scenes of underground cities. Look carefully at their claims and you will not find any where a group of people saw it together. It's always single individuals who make these reports - which is usually a sure sign of hallucination.

58.       This also happens above ground in certain areas of the earth, such as the area near Florida called the Bermuda triangle. There are very strong magnetic fields there whose effects on the brain are not yet understood by modern people. This results in hallucinations, loss of the sense of time as well as direction such that many people do get lost there for many days without being aware of the passage of time. Some never recover from the ill effects, and lose their memories. There are many such people who then wander into strange towns and cities having totally lost all memories of their personal history, and live the rest of their lives without ever recovering. They are then reported as lost or disappeared.