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You may participate in spreading the word about Blackroots Science and get rewarded for your efforts.

It's time for  more Black people to be exposed to this important book. Blackroots said the modern era of the light race will end when 144,000 Black people are enlightened about the real truth of  the age.  We at Blackroots Science Publications decided that the best way to encourage people to spread the word  is to reward them for their efforts.  This will give more people the incentive to talk about Blackroots Science on the forums, social media and emails.

By participating, you'll be paid up to $10 per referral whenever a person you referred buys a copy of the book.

You'll receive $10 for sale of a hardcover book

You'll receive $5 for sale of a softcover book

paid directly to your Paypal account.  

If you want to participate, fill out the form below:


Paypal e-mail*

You'll receive an email with your personal  webpage to use for sales.

If you have any questions about the referral program, email the publisher to: publisher@blackrootscience.com